We offer a customizable environment tailored for both video production and podcast recording (for both audio and video podcasts).

Whether you're producing a brand commercial, recording your next video podcast episode, or crafting a captivating series for your YouTube audience, our facilities are designed to bring your vision to life.

Behind the scenes of a shoot at Mac N Cheese Media studios

Video & Photo Studio Rental

  • Blank Canvas for Creativity: Our blacked-out studio offers a clean slate for your vision, removable carpets, paper backdrops, and a green screen. Plus, we provide basic production essentials like c-stands and sandbags with each rental.
  • High-Ceiling Advantage: With a 24' tall ceiling, our space is perfect for diverse production setups, be it grand shots or intricate lighting designs.
  • Easy Access & Customizable Setup: A garage door ensures smooth entry for sets, building materials, props, and larger equipment, making setup a breeze.
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A full room view of the Mac N Cheese Media Video Podcast Studio

Video Podcast Studio Rental

  • Audio Excellence: Dive straight into podcasting with crystal-clear and professional sound quality. Our studio has (4) Rhode mics and soundproofing, ensuring that every word is precisely captured.
  • Video Capabilities: Enhance your podcast with high-quality video recording. With (4) Blackmagic cameras, you can capture every angle. Plus, the ability for a producer to live-switch between camera feeds.
  • Plug & Play Ease: Our studio is designed for minimal setup. This ease of use and the capability for live video switching offers a seamless experience that sets us apart.
Reviews from people who have rented our studio


It was a great spot, a convenient location, and super helpful hosts - we used the green screen setup, and it was perfect for our shoot. I will definitely be booking again!


Oceanna C.

Reviews from people who have rented our studio


Such a great experience! Sean was so nice and helpful, and the studio was great! I loved the setup he created! I can’t wait to get the content out to our listeners.


Jacqueline C.

Reviews from people who have rented our studio


The place was amazing and exactly what we needed in a pinch. Everybody there was super helpful, and when I arrived, the green screen was already set up, saving us time! 


Wilbert T.


Whether it's a budding idea or a detailed vision, reach out. We're here to guide and bring your idea to life.

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