You’re gonna want to hire people who actually give a crap about your business.

Pardon, our language, but it’s true. Our clients love the way they feel when they create with us because we care about the people we work with, the content we’re creating, and the opportunities our clients experience as a result of our work together.


Mac n Cheese Media Team located in Nashville Tn

We’re a team of digital media and video production experts based in Nashville, Tennessee who’ve been creating humorous and musical video content for the past ten years. It all started with the mega-viral hit, “Welcome to Nashville” which was written, recorded, shot, edited, and launched in-house.

(And garnered over 4 million views. Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves.)

We quickly realized the power humor and music could bring when combined with video to differentiate businesses and brands while also providing joy and good-hearted entertainment. 

Mac N Cheese Media Specializes in Humor and Music Advertising in nashville Tn

Us Community Credit Union Centsables Super Savers Video Shoot with Mac N CHeese Media

Here at Mac N’ Cheese Media, we love humor and music and have made it our job (literally) to help our clients create out-of-the-ordinary video advertising that gets them noticed.

Over the last decade, we’ve perfected our process (and you may say our “secret sauce”) to create videos that have garnered over 26 million views for clients like Pepsi, The Harlem Globetrotters, and Toby Keith.

(Whoops, we seem to have dropped a few names…let’s just pick those up real quick.) 

Today, our phone rings when someone has an idea they need to bring to life or when they know it’s time for a bold, new approach only a team bursting with dynamite ideas can pull off.



Our Founders

Sean Webster is the Co-founder and CEO of Mac N Cheese Media


  • Will figure out a solution to even the most abstract of problems.
  • Former graphic designer turned digital marketer, to video producer, to CEO 🤷‍♂️.
  • Proud father of four ranging in age from  2 - 17 years old (the oldest being twins).
  • A recovered drug addict with over 27 piercings and who was once a bodybuilder.
  • Blessed to serve and lead a young adult's small group and media team for his church.
Austin Bever is a Co-Founder and Director of Mac N Cheese Media


  • A high-energy director who will literally act out what he wants to see.
  • Always dreaming up the wildest and most remarkable ideas for client videos.
  • Has choreographed several ridiculous dances for clients to perform in their video.
  • Has a neon yellow  “Aloha” sign in his office. 
  • Blessed father to Lily B and is a Nashville SC superfan.
Colin Cooper is a Co-founder and DP of Mac N Cheese Media


  • A master shooter/editor under tight deadlines.
  • An ingenious producer who has created over 5,000 beats in his lifetime.
  • Compulsively draws Homer Simpson on everything.
  • Avid drummer though his neighbors get mad.
  • Eats an absurd amount of candy, but is actively cutting sugar from his diet #yougotthis
  • Almost made it on The Bachelorette

This is the part where we show you we’re professionals driven by a common purpose.


  • People are attracted to businesses that are vulnerable and authentic and don’t take themselves too seriously. (In other words, it’s okay to get a little weird when it comes to advertising.)
  • Businesses that break free of the typical marketing mold will find success. (And pairing humor and music with video is the best way to do this.)
  • It’s okay to have fun in business, even if your business isn’t all fun and games. (Trust us, every business has something that makes them unique and there is always an interesting way to share that with the world.)
  • Shooting videos and commercials can be a stress-free experience when you’ve got a plan and a process. (Should you shoot the dance montage or the intern in the hot dog suit first? We’ve got a plan for that.)
  • If it doesn’t leave a positive impact or bring joy to the world, then it’s not worth doing. (That’s it. That’s the tweet.)
Mac N Cheese Media is a Nashville Video Production Company

Okay, time to address the elephant in the room.


Like our predecessors before us, we researched and user-tested…no, nope, just kidding. In truth, it was a last-ditch effort to come up with something that didn’t suck, so the founders combined their middle initials to create M-A-C and the rest is history.

We’ve come to love the name because it’s a symbol that we practice what we preach – doing things a little differently so as to stand out from the crowd. We’re passionate about creating out-of-the-box, memorable content and our name is no different. 

Also, who doesn’t love mac n’ cheese?

The Three Cheese Podcast is produced by Mac N Cheese Media in Nashville Tn

Recorded live from our Nashville, TN headquarters, we talk to entrepreneurs and founders who took bold and risky leaps of faith that ended up being the pivotal moments that got them where they are today.


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