Empowering Mobility: The PerMobil MVS Project

Written by Mac N' Cheese Media

At Mac N' Cheese Media, we're all about telling stories that matter. Recently, we had the opportunity to do just that with PerMobil, a company that's been revolutionizing mobility for 56 years with their innovative custom wheelchairs. We were tasked with creating a video to launch their latest power chair, the Permobil M Corpus VS.

The Goal

The client’s goal was to highlight the chair's usability and functionality and showcase the power chair's evolution. We aimed to create a compelling narrative that would resonate with people who use power chairs daily. To bring this vision to life, we showcased the real-world stories of individuals making extraordinary strides, all empowered by the Permobil M Corpus VS chair.

Behind the scenes of the Permobil M Corpus VS shoot

The Stories We Told

We featured a little girl named Molly Kate, who uses the chair to play basketball with her dad. We also showcased a well-known archer, Jason, who uses the chair to shoot his bow and arrow and navigate his daily life.

Behind the scenes with Molly Kate using Permobil chair

Overcoming Challenges

Creating this video was an exciting journey filled with opportunities for creative problem-solving. One such opportunity arose when we used a chair prototype during the shoot. This presented some technical challenges, but rather than letting this derail us, we saw it as a chance to adapt and innovate. We shifted our focus and captured some fantastic footage in the process.

The Power of Editing

The editing process was a crucial phase where we got to flex our creative muscles. Our Director of Photography and editor, Carter, meticulously crafted the narrative, ensuring the video was engaging and impactful, as well as accomplishing the clients goals for this project.

The Joy of Collaboration

One of the things we love about what we do is the opportunity to meet and work with incredible people. During the pre-production of this project, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that our talent, locations, and gear were all set for our shoot in Austin, TX. The result was a successful shoot and the chance to form meaningful connections with the people we worked with.

Setting up a shot for the Permobil M Corpus VS
Team photo after the permobil m corpus vs shoot

The Final Product

The result of all this hard work? A video that not only showcases the innovative and functional features of the Permobil M Corpus VS but also weaves a powerful narrative. This project was a testament to the power of collaboration. Working closely with the Permobil team, we gained a deep understanding of the product and its impact on users' lives. This insight was invaluable in shaping our creative approach. It helped us to tell a story that was authentic, compelling, and deeply resonant with the audience.

The Impact

We're incredibly proud of the final product. It's more than just a product showcase; it's a testament to human resilience, the power of technology, and the transformative impact of the Permobil M Corpus VS. But the real reward was the impact of the video. We showed versatility in creating an emotional, historical, and impactful piece for a new power chair launch. More importantly, we created a video that people who need to use a power chair in their day-to-day lives can look at and see people just like them doing extraordinary things.

Our Belief

This project was a testament to what we believe at Mac N' Cheese Media: storytelling is at the heart of impactful video content. And we can't wait to tell more stories that matter.

Check out the final video below or view the Permobil M Corpus VS project here

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