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We take a custom approach to solving our client’s video marketing and advertising needs and are completely transparent about why your project costs what it does.

Black Mountain Cinema is a partner of Mac N Cheese Media

“A top-tier video production and media company in Nashville, TN.”

“These guys are so much fun to work with and they always put out incredible work.”

Harrison H., Founder
Black Mountian Cinema

Molly Hissong Sr. AVP of Marketing Us Community Credit Union

“Uncanny ability to bring our story ideas to life on film.”

"Mac N’ Cheese Media helped us refresh our brand, create updated and relevant content to help us connect with members."

Molly H., SVP of Marketing
US Community Credit Union


What you can expect to invest in our video production services:

Whether you're looking for a 30-second commercial or a 3-minute explainer video we have a package that will fit your production needs.


  • (1) Day Shoot
  • (1-2) Location(s)
  • Director/Producer
  • (2) Person Video Crew
  • (2-3) Day Edit
  • Standard Camera Package


starting at



  • (2) Day Shoot
  • (2-4) Locations 
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Production Crew
  • (3-4) Day Edit
  • Premium Camera Package


starting at



  • (3-5) Day Shoot
  • (3-5) Locations  
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Production Crew
  • (4-5) Day Edit
  • Premium Camera Package


starting at



  • Production Days
    (as many needed)
  • (5+) Locations
  • Full Pre & Post Production Crew 
  • Editing team
    (as many days as needed)
  • Premium Camera Package + Specialized Gear Rental


starting at



Need drone footage? Scriptwriting? Songwriting, music composition, music recording, mix/mastering, lighting and sound techs, grips (we’ll explain what this is), PA (this too), additional directors, camera operators, and a knockoff T-Rac costume? (Legally, we probably can’t do this, but we’ll ask…)


ranging from

$300 - $1,500/ item


Lights, camera, action... isn’t as simple as it sounds…

Here’s what it looks like when we bring our A-Team to film the Harlem Globetrotters.

Get More Bang for Your Buck!

We’ll show you how to maximize your shoot so you walk away with more content than you originally bargained for. In addition to creating killer video marketing and video advertising content, we act as your media consultants to make sure our work together compliments your goals, and frankly, blows them out of the water.

These aren’t just some nice words we put on the page —
it’s something our clients tell us over and over again.

Ben Johnson is the CEO of Us Community Credit Union and they are a partner of Mac N Cheese Media

“Went far beyond what would be expected of any marketing firm.”

“They became invested in the success of our company, far beyond what would be expected of any marketing firm. If you are looking for a true partner in digital content creation, creative ideas, quality videos, marketing strategy, or anything marketing-related, I highly recommend talking to Mac N Cheese Media!”

Ben J., CEO
Us Community Credit Union

Jonah Turner is the marketing director of Hope for Haiti's children and they were a client of mac n Cheese media

“The best part of working with Mac N' Cheese Media was their willingness to teach along the way.”

Not only did they create a fantastic video for us, but they helped us implement it into social media ads that connected to a conversion-optimized landing page. Maybe the best part of working with Mac N' Cheese was their willingness to teach along the way. Instead of just using their expertise to do the work for us, they helped us understand what needed to be done and why.

Jonah T., Marketing Director
Hope for Haiti's Children


We take care to not only develop a one-of-kind concept that will make your audience oooh and ahhh, but we’ve developed a ™silky smooth production process that keeps us on time and on budget.


Discovery Call

Tell us what’s keeping you up at night and we’ll hash it out on a 30-minute discovery call. Our aim is to make sure we’re the best choice for you and can help you reach your ideal audience and goals.


Ideation Session

If we’re feeling like a good fit for each other we’ll reconvene for a 1-hour ideation session to pitch a few concepts and discuss potential project scopes based on your wishlist.


Custom Project Proposal

Your business is unique and no two projects are alike. We’ll spec out details for you to review like budget, scope, timeline and whether we need one chicken suit or two.
(We’re probably kidding.)



The fun has now begun. This is where we have our full team brainstorming session, flesh out our ideas, and turn a plan into action. We'll decide everything from your shoot date to set design, wardrobe, and everything in between so we're all over-prepared when the shoot day comes.



The big shoot day is here! We'll have a schedule and location nailed down so we can have an incredibly productive, positive, and powerful shoot day with our amazing team of producers, cinematographers, directors, and more. Get ready to see the idea come to life.



Our team of highly-experienced editors leaves no stone unturned in their pursuit to create an edit that executes the video goals we set out to achieve on day one. After the first cut, it’s not uncommon for us to hear, "Wow! This is better than we ever thought it could be."

Ready to get more attention than the obnoxious party buses on Broadway?

How To Maximize Your Video Shoot To Get Buttloads Of Content